About Break Up Bestie

Why am I creating a Break Up Blog? 
I never thought I would be planning a wedding and launching a break up blog at the same time but…here I am. From the time of me writing this I officially marry the man of my dreams, my soulmate, and my best friend in two months.
So, again- why am I writing this?
Break ups have been a passion of mine since going through my own horrific one in 2015. The one where I felt like I was going to die, that knocked the wind out of me. I was in so much pain that I asked EVERYONE for help, and I’m not kidding I called women I barely knew that had gone through break ups and asked them to coffee. I would take any advice that someone gave me, and I tried EVERYTHING. And, I made it through to the other side.
To qualify further, not only have I been through break ups but I have been through the gamete of unhealthy relationships. I have unfortunately had to experience a very toxic and controlling relationship, an abusive relationship, the crazy codependent relationship where all the guy wanted to do was get married (I broke up with him and he was engaged to another girl 2 months later), the non committed guy, the guy who was in between jobs and ended up moving in with me after a couple weeks, pretty much you name it I’ve gone through it. Not to say I’ve seen it all by any means but I have been able to gather a wide variety of experiences- and that has in turn allowed me to help a wide variety of people.
Since my break up in 2015 I started to get asked a lot by women in my social circle for advice on how I got through it. I gathered so much amazing advice, writing prompts, books, songs, you name it during my process that I loved then being able to turn it around and help others. Giving advice and helping others was such a key part of my own healing process and had healed me to the point where I am now.
After realizing this is something I might want to do I started doing some research on other break up blogs, apps, and books and I was pretty disappointed in what I saw. I noticed that the current resources out there fell under the “get over your break up in 28 days” kinds of book. Really? I’m sorry but the only way you’re going to remotely get over it in 28 days is if you hop into something new immediately which we all know how that works out (or at least I do). Or it was a very vengeful, hating men kind of attitude which this isn’t about either.
This blog is about HEALING. This will not get you over your ex in 28 days, this blog is to help give you the tools to heal in your own time. It’s to help you realize that whatever you’re feeling right now is totally normal. It’s to help you realize that there’s no good reason to text your ex, call your ex, and definitely not to stay friends with your ex. It’s to help you grow while you’re single and get to know yourself intimately as a person again. It’s to help you heal through the pain, the resentments, and the potential emotional bruises your ex left you with so when you do come across your soulmate you’re ready for them.
I’ve been sitting with this idea for close to a year now and it wasn’t something I could get off my mind. I kept coming back to it no matter what. Then I started sharing about it and it seemed like something people really needed.
So whether you’re fresh out of a break up, whether you’re still in a relationship but you’re tossing back and forth of whether or not you should still be in the relationship, whether you just got out of a 10 day or 10 year relationship, or whether you’ve been single for a while but you just need something extra- this is the place for you.